Why You Should Keep Anonymous When Sexting Online?

Sexting online is a thrilling experience that many like to enjoy. Better still, sexting with a complete stranger online adds even more spice and eroticism to the experience, as the idea of getting down and dirty with someone you don't know is quite kinky! However, it's important to stay safe whenever you indulge in online sexting!

The entire concept of sexting means there are risks whenever you do it. Sending nudes or explicit messages to someone online that could end up being leaked highlight one of the biggest issues regarding online sexting.

Of course, the thrill of sexting often outweighs any risks, while the idea of it being risky also makes it more appealing for many people! That said, it is always worth taking the time to stay safe whenever you're sexting online and staying anonymous is one of the best ways to do stay safe!

Here's some reasons why you keep anonymous when sexting online:

Keep Anonymous

It's Sexy

Before we get into the negatives it's good to point out that there is lot to be enjoyed by staying anonymous online when sexting. For instance, knowing that people have no clue who you really are can be very thrilling, especially when you're sending them explicit photos or messages.

When your sexting partner doesn't know who you are beyond your few interactions, they tend to get a lot more excitable. This makes the sexting even hotter, as you can tell they are desperate to know more about who you are.

Don't make the mistake of giving in though - be the ultimate tease by keeping your identity hidden when sexting online!

You Get a Dirty Secret

Another fun reason to remain anonymous whenever you sext online is that it gets to stay your dirty little secret. The idea of doing something naughty like sexting is one of its biggest attractions, so when nobody else knows that you're doing it the sexting becomes even sexier!

If you don't take measures to hide your identity then there is a chance someone that you know finds out about it. This can be pretty awkward depending on who it is, giving all the more reason to remain completely anonymous when sexting online.

Your Identity is Safe

Now we get to the most obvious reason to keep your sexting habits anonymous - nobody gets to know who you are. While you may not care too much about people knowing that you are sexting, there are instances where people will use your identity for malicious intent.

For instance, if people know your name and location, they can use this information to find out most of your personal information. The last thing you want is for strangers online to have access to personal information, highlighting one of the biggest reasons to keep your identity hidden when sexting.

If Something Bad Happens You Don't Need to Worry

Sexting is very hot but there is one huge issue that comes from it - leaking your photos or messages. This is of course a horrible thing to experience and completely abhorrent behaviour from whoever leaks your info, but the sad truth is many people sexting will end up getting their nudes, videos, or messages leaked.

Should the worst occur and this happens to you, the fact that you've remained anonymous works to your advantage. Simply put, almost nobody will know that it is you, which is something of a silver lining. Yes, the leaks are still a massive violation of privacy but is sadly one of the risks associated with sexting.

Tips for Remaining Anonymous When Sexting Online

Unsure of how to remain anonymous when sexting? Here are some tips for keeping your identity hidden:

Choose the Right Sexting Site - There are many great sexting sites suitable for keeping your anonymity when sexting online, so check which ones offer the best protection. Anonymous Sexting is one of your best choices.

Hide Your Face - An obvious one but keep your face out of all photos you send!

Don't Reveal Tattoos - Often overlooked, tattoos and other notable marks on your body (e.g. birthmarks, piercings, scars etc) can be used to identify someone. Hide any tattoos and other marks that can be used to reveal your identity!

Crop Photos - To really avoid any risk of being identified in photographs you can learn to crop out certain parts of your body, such as the face and any tattoos, ensuring you don't accidently leave something in the image.

Don't Give Out Personal Information - Another obvious one, never give someone your name, address, or any other personal information, even if it seems harmless. You'd be surprised what information people can use to identify you!

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