Safe Tips for Sexting with a Stranger

Sexting is a fun activity for many. You get to learn more about who you are sexually, while not having to worry about meeting people in the real world. However, when it comes to sexting with strangers, you need to follow these top safety tips. After all, there are dangers even online.

Sexting with a Stranger

Always Protect Your Identity

Sexting can be anonymous and this is possibly one of the reasons you're looking at getting into a sexting chat room. You'll likely start off with a username and give out very few details about who you are. But what about when you get to know the stranger you're sexting with.

You have no idea who you're really chatting with online. The best thing you can do is to always protect your identity. Avoid sharing intimate photos and try to keep everything online within the sexting chatroom. This helps to avoid complications in your real life.

If you are going to share photos, make sure there are no identifiable marks within the images. This includes your face, birthmarks, and tattoos. The last thing you want is someone using your raunchy photos against you.

Make Sure You're Both Comfortable

Never send unsolicited sexual messages to a stranger. While they may be on the chatroom, they don't necessarily want to jump straight into sexting. They may not be interested in you. Likewise, you may not be interested in the person messaging you.

It's important to make sure the stranger is completely comfortable with sexting before you start. Ensure you're both on the same page and that you're used to all the sext acronyms. Have a safe word for when you want to pull out.

Make sure you set some ground rules for sexting. This doesn't take the fun out of things. In fact, it will add fun as you'll both be able to relax better.

Make Sure You're Chatting to Someone Over 18

"I didn't know" isn't a defense if you're caught chatting to someone under 18. Make sure whoever you're chatting to is over 18 – the legal age for sexting and other similar engagements.

I know this is going to be tricky. You don't get to see the person you're chatting to, which can make it difficult to ascertain whether the person on the other end of the computer is definitely above legal age. If you ask outright and you find out the age, you're covering your own back. If there's ever a time you think someone is younger than 18, get out of the chat and find someone who is over the legal age.

Look Out for Signs You're Getting Addicted

One of the dangers of sexting with anyone is addiction. It is possible to become addicted to sexting with strangers, which can cause problems with your face-to-face interactions. Look out for any signs that you may be addicted to sexting online to protect your own mental health. At the first sign, you need to step back and consider help.

Sexting with strangers can be fun. Follow the above tips and you'll protect yourself sexually, mentally, and financially.

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