How to Meet Someone Online to Sext with Anonymously

You've heard all about the benefits of sexting online. Now you want to be able to do it but you want to keep it anonymous. How can you manage that? Here are the top tips to meet someone online to sext with anonymously.

Sext Someone Anonymously

Phone or Online?

The best thing you can do is look for places that are all about online sexting. To be able to do that, you need to decide whether you want to chat online through the computer/laptop or whether you want to do it all through your phone.

There are plenty of apps nowadays. Yes, online chat rooms are still a thing, but there are many moving to online apps because they offer the ability to sext comfortably on the move.

To do it all anonymously, you'll want to stick to website like Anonymous Sexting that don't involve any payments, any need to put in your real details, and spaces that are all about keeping things private. Look out for sites and apps that are all about usernames like the old-school chat rooms and forums.

Use a VPN

When you are chatting online, you need to keep your ISP secret, too. Too many people are tech savvy and will be able to find out your location through your ISP. So, what are your options?

A VPN is the best thing that you can invest in. Even if you're not looking to sext anonymously, you want to invest in a VPN. You'll not just keep all your activity secret, but you can also access content from around the world without any hassle.

A VPN will bounce you ISP throughout different servers. It looks like you're chatting from another location, which can also open up your access to various chat rooms internationally.

Keep Your Photos and Videos to a Minimum

While you may want to share the odd photo while sexting, think about what you're sending. While many sexting chat rooms will make it possible to only share the video or photo for 10 seconds or so, there are some tech savvy people out there who will bypass that and keep the photos for future use.

You want to make sure that all photos you send are anonymous, which means ensuring there are no identifiable objects or body parts. You'll know to keep your face out of the photos or at least blur it out, but what about your tattoos or your birthmarks? Make sure they're out of any photo you send.

Meanwhile, look out for the backdrop. Is there anything behind you that gives away who you are or where you live?

If you have anything identifiable, it's possible for someone to figure out exactly who you are. You'll want to avoid this issue and any future consequences that can come from it. Don't assume the chat room will always have your back.

With the above three tips, you'll be able to keep all your online interactions anonymous. You can sext to your heart's content without worrying about someone getting in touch in real life.

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