Why Do People Enjoy Sexting?

There are many online activities that people enjoy. One of those activities is sexting. This online activity became popular with the growth of the internet, as it gave people a way to chat to strangers anonymously. Now that has grown with the use of mobile devices and more.

Why is sexting so enjoyable? It involves no physical interaction with another person, so why would anyone want to do it? Here's why it's become so popular.

Enjoy Sexting

Connect With a Partner Over a Distance

Sexting is something that both single people and those in committed relationships do. When in a committed relationship, sexting gives people a chance to connect to their partners over a distance. Whether it's a temporary distance due to work or a long-term relationship for other reasons doesn't really matter.

Through sexting, partners can be more intimate than they would just over a general conversation. They can explore their own bodies and find out what they like, while also listening to what their partners like. When they meet in person, they can carry out the fantasies or the likes more intimately.

Remove Dating Anxiety

Those who are single have the chance to get rid of dating anxiety. People don't like going to bars or meet up with people for all sorts of reasons. They worry about the way they look or feel on a current day. They worry about what others will think.

Sexting takes out the anxiety. There's a chance to hide behind a screen, giving them more confidence to say or do things they wouldn't usually do. They don't even know who they're looking at, which helps to add a sense of fantasy to the sexting.

Photos and videos don't need to be shared. There's no need to delve deeper than the written word, further removing anxiety.

The Brain Reacts with the Right Chemicals

Liking sexting is hormonal. It all starts with the brain, as it releases dopamine and other happy hormones. These hormones are addictive – sometimes in a bad way but sometimes just in a good way; it's going to depend on your own nature and looking out for the signs of severe addiction.

Men and women react slightly different through the hormones. Women get a boost of oxytocin, which leads to more sexual desire and pleasure. It's a hormone that is released during intimacy with a partner.

Meanwhile, men will get a boost of vasopressin, which intensifies sexual pleasure. This makes them enjoy the words more, as well as the physical touches.

Because of the release of the hormones, you're more likely to reach for the phone when you get a text. You're expecting another sext from your partner – whether a committed relationship or a stranger.

As long as you take the necessary precautions, sexting can be extremely good for the mental health. It offers a way to remain connected to a partner over a distance and gives you the chance to learn more about yourself. More importantly, it releases the happy hormones, which is the main reason people enjoy sexting so much.

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