How to Do Sexting with Your Boyfriend

Sexting has become a cultural phenomenon, with most people that have a smartphone or internet access taking part in some sexting at one point or another. If you've still to try sexting with your boyfriend then we can tell you this - you are most certainly missing out!

Sexting is an incredibly erotic experience that everyone should try at least once. In fact, we're confident that once you start sexting with your boyfriend that you'll never want to stop! Of course, sexting isn't free from risks and there are certain steps that you can take to make sure you're safe and comfortable when sexting.

Taking the time to get ready for your first sexting makes all the difference - you know what to expect, can start at a time that suits you most, and can get a little practice in there before you start!

Here are some tips for how to start sexting with your boyfriend:

Sexting with Your Boyfriend

Pick the Right Time

Just like having sex, there is a time and a place to start sexting with your boyfriend. Finding the right moment makes all the difference, ensuring you're both ready and willing to have a fun time sexting.

So, you'll want to find out what your boyfriend is doing before you start any sexting - the last thing he wants is to get a sexy message or photo when he's in the middle of a meeting or not even paying attention to his phone!

Before you start initiating any sexting, fire him a quick message to see where he is and what he is doing!

Start Slow

Sexting and sex share many similarities - starting slow is another one they share! Start off the sexting slow, as you want to build up the anticipation, so consider sending him a photo or message that isn't quite explicit but lets him know where things are heading.

For example, you could send a photo of your cleavage or a shot of you wearing a towel. It's not too revealing but will set the tone of the sexting, letting you move things up a notch whenever you're reading.

Think of the start of sexting as like foreplay - start slow and work up his appetite!

Take on a Role

Taking on a bit of roleplaying as you sext is a great way to get more confident. You don't need to have a specific character or situation when you sext, but rather taking on a more heightened version of yourself that he is not used to seeing.

You're playing a role here after all, being that of a sexy, alluring girlfriend that is horny and looking for some action. It adds a whole level of spice to the sexting that will only make that more unforgettable for him.

Only Do What You're Comfortable With

Never feel pressured into doing something you're uncomfortable with when your sexting. There is no right or wrong way to sext, whether that's sending a few flirty messages or some nude photographs, so only do what you're comfortable with.

Sexting is meant to be an enjoyable experience between two consenting adults, so never let him pressure you into doing something you don't want. If you don't want to send nudes then that's fine - just talk dirty to him!

Let Him Know a Nude is Coming

Sending nudes is a popular aspect of sexting but isn't free from risks. For instance, the last thing you want to do is to send him a nude when he's sitting with his parents or work colleagues. To play it safe, let him know that a not safe for work (NSFW) photo is incoming!

Work the Angles

If you're wanting to send a sexy snap to your boyfriend then try to work all the right angles. These make you look even more irresistible, so spending a bit of time practicing your best angles improves the sexting across the board.

The beauty of sexting is that different people have different turn-ons, so you can try snapping amazing photos of all the different erogenous zones to see what gets him ticking the most. Good angles to work include your lips, thighs, butt, bust, and even your feet!

Have Some Photos Ready

Spontaneous sexting is great fun but you may not have a photo on hand to send him. Instead of spending an age trying to find that perfect snap, we recommend having a few sexy photos on standby that you can send to him whenever you have the urge to sext.

Have a few selfies and body shots on hand so you can start sexting him from anywhere you feel like and get a fast response. Of course, make sure that any photos you have stored are safely locked on your phone and not saved to any backup locations!

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